XL Red Acrylic Pearl Stretch Bracelet

XL Red Acrylic Pearl Stretch Bracelet



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Everyone loves pearls!  And large, shiny, red pearls are so playful! It looks great with a certain "Red Jacket" or a Lipstick Red Chevy Cruze that we all should earn!

The XL Red Acrylic Pearl Stretch Bracelet measures 61mm in diameter, approximately 7.5 inches around.  The red pearls are 16mm in diameter, meaning they are on the larger side.  They pearls are acrylic, so the bracelet is very light and makes a bold fashion statement all by itself!  The stretch of this bracelet allows almost everyone to wear it comfortably.  It is the 4th bracelet from the left in the picture below.

This bracelet pairs well with multiple of our stretch bracelets- it's the fun, new fashion to layer your bracelets and wear them all together.



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