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Western Life Floating Story Locket

Western Life Locket

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All lockets come with gift box packaging!


~ 1 Large Chocolate Plain Floating Glass Story Locket 

~ 1 32" Chocolate Stainless Steel Necklace Chain

~ 1 Large Silver Metal Plate- "Dream"

~ 1 Aqua Cowboy Boot Dangle

~ 1 Silver Horse Saddle Floating Charm

~ 1 Yellow Square Stone

~ 1 White Daisy w/ Crystal Center Floating Charm

~ 1 Round Pearl Accent

~ 1 Silver Cowboy Boot Floating Charm

~ 1 Gold Prancing Horse Floating Charm


Be Informed: 

Stainless steel means no tarnishing, rusting or corroding.  Also referred to as surgical steel, 316L stainless steel (instead of 304 stainless steel) is a superior blend that gives even more resistance to corrosives in and out of the body (sweat, sea water, etc).  Some lockets may look identical to ours, and may be less expensive.  Make sure they are stainless steel as well, and not simply labeled as “zinc alloy”, as they will corrode and tarnish much faster. Our 316L stainless steel, like most other stainless steel, has a small amount of nickel – about 8%.