Custom Charm Design


Customized Charms by Jenni B

Did you know Jenni B can design a custom charm just for you?  That's right - You can have your unit name, logo, picture or motto made into a special and unique charm! We offer customization on our Round CharmsSoldered Glass Charms, Magnets, and PinsWe do the design work at NO CHARGE and you'll pay the same price* for the charm as you would for a non-custom equivalent charm.


Custom-Designed Charms are perfect for:

~Welcoming a new team member to your unit

~Fall or Spring Retreats, Debuts, Birthdays and other Special Events

~Quarterly Consistency Club Awards

~Specific promotions or contests for your unit or area


If you would like us to design your charm, please contact Tracie or Valerie!



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* We reserve the right to require minimum order quantities for inital design work