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CUPCAKE Marketing Basic Kit- Vintage

CUPCAKE Marketing Basic Kit- Vintage

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The Best Way to Market the Mary Kay Opportunity!

C-U-P-C-A-K-E Marketing is the best thing since....well, since cupcakes!

Tell your future team members all about the reasons women sell Mary Kay (TM) by sharing the C-U-P-C-A-K-E Marketing plan. Each letter of the word "cupcake" represents a "sweet" reason to begin a "PINK" business.


Cupcake Marketing Video Demo


The CUPCAKE Marketing Basic Kit- Vintage includes ALL the Essentials for CUPCAKE Marketing, including:

* 1 Set CUPCAKE Marketing  Vintage "Large Cards" - Vintage Version Large Cards

* 1 Set of 25 CUPCAKE Marketing Vintage "Shortcut Cards" - Vintage Version Shortcut Cards

* 1 FULL CIRCLE CD-  12 "Pinked Up" MK Songs, including the CUPCAKE song to listen/sing to while using CUPCAKE Marketing Cards.

* 3 CUPCAKE Magnets for inspiration, looks, giveaways and prizes!

* Pink & Purple Sprinkles- for your own cupcakes/decorations- of course!



This large set of cards has an individual card representing each letter of the word (like "C is for Cash"). The back of each card has a box for you to personalize with a photo or representation of your personal business and has suggestions on what to attach to it. Each card also highlights ideas of what to share with potential team members at a "Party with a Purpose" or a specialized training session or guest event. Each large card measures 8" x 5.5". The set comes in a heavy ziploc back for use over and over.


The smaller "Shortcut Cards" come in a package of 25 individual cards- all 25 cards have the same front and back. Each small, postcard-sized card lists each letter of the word "cupcake" and a short explanation explaining that letter.  We have 2 versions to choose from- Vintage or Bakery Version. Both use the same 7 reasons, the only difference is the front graphic- a lady holding a cupcake, or just simply a bakery style cupcake.  You choose which set you like best!

The Shortcut Cards make a perfect companion to the set of Large Cards. Just pass one out to each guest at your party so they can follow along as you explain the concept behind CUPCAKE Marketing. Some consultants are even laminating the cards and having the guests circle each letter that represents something that they're interested in. Just wipe off and reuse! 


Shortcut cards are designed to be given away.  

Have your entire team use Cupcake Marketing in all of their own classes and events- as people start seeing 'cupcake' in your theme, it will set you all apart as the "fun, hip, Mary Kay Gals", and not just another Mary Kay person.
Have an event such as a "Cupcakes & Compacts Party", "Cupcakes & Color Class" , "Cupcakes & Cash Night".  Bring some cupcakes to tie in CUPCAKE MARKETING with your unforgettable event!
* Put one shortcut card at each individual setting at a Skin Care Class.  The guest sees the eye catching card, and can read all 7 reasons why we become part of Mary Kay.  
* Perfect size to place in reorder bags for your customers, as a marketing material item. Just circle one of the reasons you think she would be good at the business and write a short personal note.
* Perfect prize for girls having lots of skin care classes to earn!  
Great for Mary Kay BINGO events to hand out to all of your guests.


You HAVE to listen to this brand new CD, put out by Full Circle! This CD has 12 inspirational songs, just for Mary Kay® consultants and directors! It even features "C-U-P-C-A-K-E: Seven Sweet Reasons to Sell Mary Kay®". You're going to LOVE it!

Play it at your parties, play it at your unit meetings; you'll even want to play it in your car!

Here's a rundown of the songs on the CD:

1. MK® Basic Skin Care Set - Sample
2. Dream Big - Sample
3. 3 is a Magic Number - Sample
4. Eye Revitalizer - Sample
5. C-U-P-C-A-K-E: Seven Sweet Reasons to Sell Mary Kay® - Sample
6. Impossible Dream
7. Just Have to Stay on Track - Sample
8. Mary Kay® Man - Sample
9. This is the Moment
10. Pink Cadillac - Sample
11. The Bee is the Key - Sample
12. The Climb - Sample


Have a Cupcake Party and serve pink lemonade and pink cupcakes with your CUPCAKE Marketing!